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8. The magic of Chanderi sarees
The magic of Chanderi sarees
Chanderi Sarees echo the splendor of an era bygone.

Chanderi is a small town in Madhya Pradesh famous for producing sarees which are deliciously light and are perfect for Indian summers. The sarees are made in silk or fine cotton with patterns taken from Chanderi Temples.
The magic of a Chanderi Saree lies in its thread, its warp and its weft. The distinguishing attribute of the Chanderi Saree is the quality of gold thread that is used to ornate it. Traditional weavers of Chanderi used silk as warp and cotton as weft to make this magnificent creation.

Chanderi Sarees are occasionally considered to be a little more flamboyant than the Kanjeevaram Sarees. Though, compared to the bright contrasting colours favoured by the Kanjeevaram, the Chanderi sarees prefer a harmony between the colours of the body and the border. Of course timeless contrasting combinations like black and red and the Ganga-Jamuna (off-white body with one green and one red border) are also available.

Chanderi Sarees favour subtle shades. They have a rich gold border and two gold bands on the pallav. Sometimes they have golden checks with buttis all over. Chanderi designs draw heavily from nature and so hunting scenes, the tree of life, men, women, birds, fruits, flowers and heavenly bodies are frequent motifs on these sarees.

Chanderi Sarees are also famous for weaving the Piping Kinar. The Piping Kinar is an extremely fine zari band woven right up to the selvedge edge of the sari.
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